What I learned in November

Can you believe that it is December already?! As Advent starts, I am taking the time to take stock of what I learned in November. 

  • I really love Gilmore Girls

One of the Australian TV channels has be airing reruns of Gilmore Girls and I caught it at the start this time. It is not at a time I can actually watch so I have a series record set. I indulge in an episode on several nights. It brings back memories of my teenage years where I would share this show with a special friend. It is still as hilarious and engaging as it was back then. I even catch my husband laughing at it.

  • Our cat is very tolerant and actually loves my daughter

  • My love for Christmas and Advent is growing each year.

It has brought me so much joy and excitement to plan and get ready for Advent. I especially love that this excitement is being passed on to my daughter. You can read more about our Advent plans here and here.

  • My idea that my brave steps were done for a while was very wrong!

The invitation to take up a position on the MOPS Western Australia team was entirely unexpected. It is exciting but daunting. I think next year is going to take more bravery than the steps I have already taken this year.

  • It is actually possible for me to write on a somewhat consistent basis.

Write 31 Days has been over for a month and I am still writing. I lack some of the focus that a series brought for me but I haven’t given up. I have created the time to write in my days, placing greater priority on it for the first time. I don’t know what shape and purpose my writing will have in the future but for now I am content to release what is in me. I am blessed to have a few cheerleaders in my life who encourage me to keep going.

What are your takeaway lessons from November?

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