Alone: Five Minute Friday

My daughter is finally asleep; my husband is out doing the usual Friday night grocery shopping (yes, I do have a spectacularly amazing hubby!). I have some sweet time alone. I am becoming more and more aware of how deeply I need these times to recharge and restore my soul. I am an introvert through and through. 
The biggest wrestle that I have been having with myself of late is how I spend that alone time. I have other moments of it in my day (the joy of having only one child who is fantastic at independent play) but too often these moments are wasted. I remember too late the Kindle book that I have waiting that I’ve been longing to read. I forget about a project that I’ve been wanting to start. I don’t make the most of these opportunities and end up not getting that deep reset that I crave.
Writing is one of those activities and I’ve been doing more of that of late. Most of it won’t be published until October when the Write 31 Days challenge starts so I need to carve out time to write for the here and now too.
My goal for the rest of this alone time tonight? Hot chocolate and crochet.
How do you spend your alone time to restore your soul?
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