Bite-sized Inspiritment Day 10: How

How do I gain consistency? Is that something that you struggle with too? I get so frustrated at myself at how often I start a habit or take steps to stop doing something unhelpful and then it all unravels. I know that I have seasons of strong will power but it seems to be lacking now. Maybe you can relate?
Something that I am learning more and more is the power of giving myself grace (because if God can do that for me, I need to accept it for myself too) and take smaller steps. I tend to want to jump all in. I take leaps that are too big all at once. I can sustain that for a short time but not long term. It is too much change all at once.

How am I working on consistency? With incremental progress. I need to change one small thing at a time. When that is solid, then I take the next step. Maybe you need to be reminded of that too. Think about what your next right step is- not the great big journey all at once, but one step. Write it down. Maybe even share it in the comments below or on social media. Let’s grow a community of helping each other out with this.

Day 10 of the Write 31 Days Challenge using the Five Minute Friday prompts (writing for five minutes unedited on a prompt word). You can read the other posts in this challenge here.

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