Bite-sized Inspiritment Day 21: Start

I am so good at putting off starting something until some future time, when all the conditions are right. This has been true of developing regular connection and community with my close friends. I was waiting until I had “time”, the garden weeded and tidy, the house sorted out, the weather to be good or a hundred other things. Instead I need to just start.
This is true for so many things in my life. Maybe for you too. What is it that you are dreaming about or wishing for? What have you been waiting for someone else to do? What have you been putting off? Today, make a start. It can be one tiny step forward but it’s a start.
All journeys start with a single step, right? What is your next step? It takes courage to put aside the excuses. It takes growth to push away the insecurity. You are capable of taking one step. Don’t look ahead too far or you may not take another step! Focus in on this starting point right in front of you. Bit by bit we can get there. I am speaking these words to myself today and pray they encourage you too. We need to champion each other on.

What will you start today?

Day 21 of the Write 31 Challenge using the Five Minute Friday prompts (writing unedited for five minutes on a prompt word.) Find more bite-sized inspiritment here.