Bite-sized Inspiritment Day 22: Help

Why is it that we find it so hard to accept help sometimes? I have been learning how to say yes to help more often but there is still this innate desire to be completely independent and not need anybody. I know I’m not alone in this.
I was listening to a podcast the other day and they were talking about how we sometimes talk about children going from dependence to independence. We have this idea in our culture that it is the goal of adulthood to be independent. What if we started changing that? What if we made the goal inter-dependence?
The reality is that we all need each other. We were designed to live in community and support each other. It is how humans have survived and thrived. When you think of the community around you, how can you help others in your life this week? How can you ask for and accept help? If we aren’t willing to do both, we are robbing others of the chance to contribute to their society too. Let’s grow true community.

Day 22 of the Write 31 Days Challenge using the Five Minute Friday prompts (writing for five minutes unedited on a prompt word.) You can read other thoughts from this series here.