Bite-sized Inspiritment Day 23: Common

So often we focus in on the differences between us. Those differences become the points of conflict, the points to judge on, the points to justify division and hatred. When will we start to recognise that we have more in common than in difference? It hurts my heart to see the division and hatred around the world. And yet, it is nothing new. Human beings have been using differences to justify all kinds of intolerable actions throughout history.
I know that it is something we actually have in common as people. We have a tendency to categorise and notice difference. Maybe it is a sign of growth when we can look for what we have in common more than what we have in difference. I want to learn from the differences. I want to expand my knowledge of human experience. I want to love that humanness in all of us.
Where do you need to have eyes to see the common not the difference in your life this week?

Day 23 of the Write 31 Days Challenge using the Five Minute Friday prompts (writing unedited for five minutes on a prompt word.) You can read other posts from this series here.