Day 24: 14 years in Australia

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Today marks 14 years since I moved to Australia with my family. I simultaneously feel like that number is too low and too high. To be honest, I am not sure how I feel right now. Australia is home now and I cannot imagine ever moving back. My life in Zimbabwe feels more like a dream than reality. And yet, there is still a part of my heart there. 

I am beyond blessed to have much of my extended family in Australia with us now. I think this helps in making Australia my true home now, however, I miss the family and friends that are still there. Nothing can replace the history of growing up with friends who were more like siblings. It saddens me that we are now spread all over the globe and cannot share in raising our families and the minutiae of our everyday lives. I have been lucky in being able to attend my two closest friends’ weddings. I have yet to meet their children and feel the distance keenly when tragedy happens for them. Tears are welling just writing about it.

There is no way to resolve being at home here and wanting to be with so many others scattered around (at least not without an unlimited bank account to spend my time travelling around!). So I choose to focus on the very long list of things I am thankful for living in Australia while living with the pain of missing loved ones.