Day 28: A short musing on God through the eyes of a parent

The frustrations of parenting a toddler have opened my eyes to how toddler-like I can be towards God. How many times does He have to say the same thing to me before I listen and obey? I get so focused on my insignificant things that I don’t even hear His voice! I’m sure some of my prayers can seem like tantrums about not getting my own way. 
What has struck me the most is how God responds to me as opposed to many of my responses to my daughter’s frustrating behaviour. Grace, grace, grace. Patience, patience, patience. He still convicts me of things and loves me too much to leave me how I am. He does this with gentle strength. I want to model my parenting on that. 
There is so much more to process in the swirl of thoughts and feelings I have on this topic. Maybe there will be some more posts on this in the future as I find words for what is inside.