Days 7-11: Lessons learned while sick

Whenever I have holidays with plans to complete projects around the house and get ahead of my to do list, sickness seems to find me. This one has been intense and wiped out my whole week. I was unable to look at any screens until yesterday, so no posts were written. I still have to keep to short bursts only.

I have had my moments of frustrated tears but have had to make a choice to let go of everything I had wanted for this week. My recovery is way too slow for my liking but I choose to rest. I choose to recognise that I will be able to get the house clean again when my strength returns. I choose to be grateful for the family and friends who have stepped up to help this week, especially my fantastic husband. I am also truly grateful that in a few weeks this will be a blip in my life, not my everyday existence. There are many who live with much worse daily.

I would like to say that my faith has been glowing in this time but my whiny complaining side came out. My conversations with God were sporadic and self seeking. Thank God for grace! I am reminded anew of how far from His standard I am in my own strength. I continue to look to Him for my transformation.