Dealing with the multitude of seed ideas.

Several weeks ago, my daughter and I planted some seeds. They were from a mixed collection gathered from my mother-in-law’s garden. I couldn’t remember what most of them were and this was our second attempt at growing them in this section of garden. We didn’t really focus on a specific plan for planting with placement or type. I let my daughter unleash her creative chaos. We now have a section of green sprouts of many varieties. I have no idea what some of them will become or which ones will survive. There are too many in too close contact for them all to thrive. I am not a knowledgable gardener so time will tell where this growth ends up.

As I have watched the seeds begin their growth, I have reflected on the seeds of ideas that spring up constantly in my mind. I mentioned to a friend the other day how I have started keeping a notebook by my bed again to have a release valve for all that swirls in my mind as I try to ease into sleep. Having ideas doesn’t seem to be the problem for me in this season. The issue I face is knowing which ones to pursue past the seed stage. I want to try them all. I’ve even attempted that at times. Reality hits sooner or later. Just like those shoots in my garden, there are not enough space and resources for them all to thrive and reach maturity.

I’d love to say that I have all the answers and spell them out for those of you who can relate. All I have to offer is the thinking and learning I am currently working through in my own life.

  • Keep capturing ideas- you never know when the time will be right for one of them.
  • Choose your priorities for this week/month/season.
  • Focus on those tasks or projects that add to those priorities.
  • Finish the projects you currently have before adding in new ones (this is what I really need to focus on for myself!!)

I was reading Myquillin Smith’s latest post about the three mantras she uses and it confirmed my thoughts.

Do what you know.

Use what you have.

Finish what you started.

Myquillin Smith aka The Nester

I don’t know about you but I can twist myself up trying to think through all the new ideas and possibilities before me. Giving myself permission to focus on the projects I have already started, at least for the next couple of months, unravelled that tension a little. I can do the next right thing in front of me. I can use my time well by focusing on fewer tasks. This actually creates more space for dreaming and future thinking in an ironic way.

I still have some larger decisions that need to be made about the future. That tension remains. By removing some shorter-term decisions or thinking about other potential projects in a detailed way, I can free up headspace to be thinking and praying through the big decisions that have a time frame on them.

So for the next month, I am focusing on writing consistently, completing the final edits for my book and completing the scripts for the next installment of my Fragrant Meditation courses. At work, I have a couple of unfinished projects that will be my focus. In my MOPS role, I will complete my current project as well. The overarching priorities throughout the month will be quality time with my family, connecting with friends and my community, and nourish my body and soul with nutritious food, walks and sleep.

What about you? What will you focus on in this next month?