Dwell: Five Minute Friday

When I saw the Five Minute Friday prompt “dwell” this verse immediately came to mind. Dwell and abide have been two words that are coming up often for me at the moment. I love this verse but often question what that actually looks like in my daily life. How do I dwell in the secret place? I think I am figuring it out slowly. So often I try to work to make it happen instead of rest, which is required. 

Accepting a new leadership position felt so right at the time, then all the thoughts of inadequacy hit. I could choose to dwell on all of those doubts and fears or dwell in the security of knowing it was from God and He will equip me for it. I dwell in His truth when I declare it with my mouth, surround myself with Scripture and worship music and don’t listen to the negatives in my head. 

How I would love to be “stable and fixed”. I know many who know me in real life often think I have it all together but my internal often doesn’t match up. More dwelling required!

I wrote this quote on a tile at a MOPS morning. It was obviously meant for the season I am now in!

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