Five Minute Friday: Break

Several concepts spring to mind with this word. Needing to break through the writers block I’ve been having. Taking a break from needing the house to be clean. But mostly, I just feel the need for a break. I’m tired. So deeply tired. It has been a bad few nights with my three year old again. Sleep has never been a strong point with her! Everything within me is crying out for a break from the fatigue. That break isn’t anywhere in sight. So what I need to do is figure out how to keep going. How to thrive in this season. This year has been good for that on the whole. I haven’t let it stop me from taking on new roles and have fun with my girl. I had been having some amazing times with God but feeling more dry again. I’m struggling to wake up and read or focus at all. Prayer is this fog of vague thoughts at times. I press on. I choose to focus on the amazing little girl that I have. I choose to draw strength from my faith. I choose to let me high expectations of myself slip. I choose to look for the fun I can have with my daughter in each day.