My connection epiphany

In the process of finding my word for this year, another word kept coming up, “wait.” I resisted this word. Wait is connected in my mind and heart with a dark season of two years where all I ever heard from God was wait. Every Scripture and message seemed to drill this unwanted message home. It was a time of frustration, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I have come so far from that time that “wait” was the last thing I wanted to hear. Was there another season like that coming? It didn’t make sense seeing that all the other signs point to a year of surging forward and making brave steps. “Faithful” felt a much better fit and definitely came out on top in the end. I needed to focus on God’s faithfulness in this season of brave and on being faithful myself to what is required of me. That word wait couldn’t be fully silenced, though.

This week the epiphany of the connection between those two words came as I wrote out the Scriptures from this Scripture writing plan

Contained in this passage are both wait and faithfulness. I suddenly have a clearer understanding of how these fit together. This season of wait is not the same as what I have experienced before. (*) My ability to be faithful is entirely dependent on my ability to wait on the Lord. The other verses that came to mind to back that up were these. 

This is the waiting that I need to be doing: connecting with my Father every day, waiting for that presence and deep connection, not simply crossing off a task on my list for the day. 

This post is linking up with the Five Minute Friday community: a group of writers who gather and write unedited for 5 minutes on a prompt word. In the interest of honesty, my five minutes was up at the * but my thoughts needed to be completed more. This week’s prompt was “connect”. Read more of other thoughts on this word here.