This is a scary and exhilarating word for me right now. We have been looking at plans to upgrade our house for so long and the time is finally here to make those plans a reality. This would be a huge enough task as it is without all the other roles I have to make plans for each day. I have so much going around my mind right now that it feels absolutely chaotic in my mind. I have always tended towards planning as a way to gain a sense of control in my life. This has forced God out of the picture over and over again. I have come so far in my journey towards trusting Him more fully and have to keep reminding myself of the verse in Proverbs that talks about how the plans in a man’s heart are many but it is the Lord’s plans that prevail. I am much more aware of relying on listening to what God wants instead of what makes me feel more comfortable. 
How do you balance being organised and being flexible enough to embrace interruptions as opportunities from God?