Reflections on “now” (a Five Minute Friday post)

Does anyone else find that now is the hardest time to be in? My mind easily lives in the future or past but I struggle to be fully present in this moment. I long for distraction or get caught up in to dos. My daughter is able to immerse herself fully in the moment often. It may not be the now that I want her to be immersed in, such as reading rather than getting dressed . Often it is in the moments of celebration or joy hidden in the mundane. She invites me in to these moments but so often I allow now to be swallowed up by the worries of the future. What is it that feeds my soul now in this moment? What is it that will impact the now but have weighty benefit in the future? Where am I drawing my expectations of the now from? I have always set impossible standards for myself. I have moderated these somewhat but still have lingering voices that want me to measure up to some elusive target. It steals the joy and peace from now. Right now is a season that can be busy and fraught with stress. I give in to that at times but am aiming to change that in my day to day moments. I want to see the glorious in the mundane. I want to treasure the now I have.

This post was inspired by the prompt word from the last Five Minute Friday of 2016. You can read what others made of this word here.

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