It’s 10 days until Christmas but it’s not too late

Christmas is rushing towards us at a relentless pace. Do you feel calm and organised or are your stress levels reaching a fever pitch? As much as I have had some very stressful moments in this Advent season, I have noticed the difference from spending time in reflection and soul-breathing through the Advent devotional I am using. For me, this has been a continuation of a daily habit and so easier to fit in each day. I know that a daily time can seem completely overwhelming at the best of times, let alone in the busy season leading up to Christmas. 

My heart is to encourage you in this season, as I have been encouraged. Whether you are able to spend 5 minutes a day or even only every few days, you can experience that peace and lightness for your soul. I want to give you the opportunity to engage in that reflection time for yourself without having to go looking or be overwhelmed. I have written a mini Advent devotional exclusively for my readers. It only has 3 entries making it an achievable goal before Christmas. 

Click on the image below to sign up to receive this mini-devotional for free. May your heart be encouraged and filled with peace as you carve out those moments before Christmas.

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