What do I crave? (A Five Minute Friday post)

What is it that I crave? I have come to the conclusion that different parts of me crave different and often opposite things. My mind in this season simultaneously craves mindless distraction and stimulation. My soul craves connection, restoration, spiritual direction. My body craves sleep and coffee. My fingers seem to crave a device to fidget with. 
Of all of these cravings, what should I give in to? What do I indulge? Those are often not answers I want to look at too closely. Cravings can be indicative of internal processes. I’m told certain food cravings can indicate mineral or nutrient deficiencies. Craving mindless distraction and rest is a warning sign of too much intensity and the need for a break. And yet indulging every craving is detrimental to my health, physical, mental and emotional. I need to spend more time reflecting on what these cravings are telling me and how I can meet that need in ways that will give long term gain rather than only short term relief. 
The end of term is in sight. Many things in my life start to wind down now. Christmas brings a kind of busyness but not the intensity I have in other seasons. It’s time to indulge the right cravings.

This post was written for the Five Minute Friday link up, where a community of writers take the prompt word (crave this week) and write unedited for five minutes flat and share our thoughts with each other. Check out the other contributions here.