Rest: A Five Minute Friday post (and pausing Thankful Thursday)

Intention to write and sitting to put words down are two different things. I had planned to write my usual Thankful Thursday post this week. Then I woke up on Friday and it wasn’t done. I thought about doing it late for this week but can’t bring myself to do it. This shows me that I need a rest from it. Writing has been taking a back seat for me of late, at least public writing has. The inspiration isn’t flowing. I realise that the rest I am taking is not actually restoring me or inspiring me. I get so frustrated with myself at the end of the day when I look back and vow to spend my time more productively and my rest time in a different way. I vow to do better tomorrow but keep doing the same thing. I know that this is a sign of overwhelm for me. I am seeking escapism rather than true rest. The bigger the tasks and to do list, the more I procrastinate. A vicious cycle! 
I am choosing to take a rest from a few things. I am still working on what those will be but Thankful Thursday will be part of that for at least the next 4 weeks as I wrap up the term and our family undertakes a massive road trip squeezed into two weeks. I still love the idea behind noticing goodness and encouraging others to do the same. 

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This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt word “rest”. You can read more posts from this week’s Five Minute Friday here.