Thankful Thursday

This week has felt heavy and dragging. I have been struggling to write a Thankful Thursday post when all I see looking back is the hard. I am reminded that gratitude is a discipline that I need to work on. If I want to see the good in my life, I have to be intentional and focus in. It may have taken me all day to come up with this list, but it is worth it despite what my feelings may say in the moment.

  • I have finished writing all my reports for my class that are due in this week. I know all teachers can relate to the relief that comes from completing this task. I had not realised how much head space at the back of my mind had been occupied by it. It is freeing and feels one big step closer to being ready for holidays.
  • A weekend of being able to rest when I needed to and care for my injured back. Entwined in this is my gratitude for my husband who was able to step in the gap with caring for our daughter. I love their relationship.
  • A husband who is willing to invest time into our marriage. We are doing a marriage course together once a month and I am loving the new discoveries and restoring of previously strong areas. After eleven years of marriage, it is easy to slip into bad habits and allow everyday life to smother the communication and intimacy. We are working together to ensure this doesn’t continue.
  • The ability to laugh at myself when I accidentally leave the house in my slippers and only realise when I am sitting watching my daughter’s swimming lesson. 

Maybe you relate to that feeling of a hard week where it takes effort to see the good. Maybe you are abounding with gratitude. I would love to hear from you.

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