Someday I will…..

As you can see from the most definitely blank pages in that photo, goal setting has been incredibly challenging for me of late. My life is at so different a place now than I ever would have thought of six years ago that I can’t seem to create goals past the really short term. It is a good different for the most part, however still different. I have been on a journey of learning to trust God for my future as He brings unexpected opportunities that change my course and this has resulted in a reluctance to form any long term goals. Have I been restricting my dreams in a misguided attempt to grow my faith? This week’s Tuesday at Ten prompt got me thinking. So here goes, the silly and the deep, in no particular order.

Someday I will:

  • have a full night’s sleep and maybe even more than one!
  • take my husband and daughter back to Zimbabwe to show them where I grew up and introduce them to the people dear to my heart.
  • travel around the UK and Europe, seeing long time friends and exploring sights I’ve longed to see.
  • work with victims of human trafficking.
  • study for a postgraduate certification.
  • write a book (don’t know what about yet!)
  • be consistent in writing on my blog
  • learn to speak German.
Who knows which of these will ever be reality, but it is fun to let my imagination go a little.
What about you? What will you do someday? Join me for Tuesday at Ten.