Thankful Thursday

My mind is a wash of emotion, anxiety and a whirlwind of to dos and don’t forgets! I am working on coming back to a place of peace and rest in the midst of it all with God’s truth and promises, prayer and refocusing my attention. This is a constant battle throughout the day and night right now. Whenever I think I’m getting on top of it, something else crops up, like my daughter’s nose getting increasingly snotty as the morning progresses. Tomorrow I fly to Melbourne for a long weekend of training in my position as a regional coordinator for MOPS Western Australia. My excitement is being drowned out by the anxiety and emotion right now. That is not God’s best for me and I am determined to take the time I need in the midst of busyness today to zero in on what I am thankful for and fix my mind on the good and truth. Putting Philippians 4:8 into practice!

  • My husband has to be on top of my thankful list. He has released me to take on this position and to go to Melbourne. He has taken time off work to look after our daughter. He has put thought and planning into fun activities to fill up the weekend to distract her. I am so thankful that I can leave knowing that she is in such good care. 
  • My parents are also going to be a big part of this weekend to care for and love on my daughter. I’m not sure she’ll even miss me much with everything she gets to experience this weekend.
  • New people in our connect group. I love the group of people that I get to do life with and meet with each fortnight to connect and talk about God things. We have been fairly unchanged in our group for a while and it was a joy to have two new couples join us and start to get to know them. This was made even more fun by realising that one of the couples is from Zimbabwe and our families are well connected!
  • My daughter’s school and start of this year. She is thriving in this school. The staff are amazing. What an awesome start to her school career!
  • Encouragement in God’s Word that comes through many sources in my days.
  • My little water baby being moved up to the next level where she can learn more and be challenged. Love watching her development.
  • Sense of the Resurrection helping me to bring the focus of Easter to Jesus and the lessons really sinking in this year.
  • Feathers falling around me during my morning quiet time with birds all around. Such sweet reminders of God with me (you can read more about why feathers mean so much to me here)
  • Giving myself the freedom not to do things perfectly.
What are you thankful for today? How does it change your outlook on your current season?