Thankful Thursday

As the weeks continue to fly by, we have come to another Thankful Thursday. I woke up this morning with my mind spinning, my heart racing and my to do list overwhelming. I am in need of a gratitude stop. Join me.
  • A Groclock- my daughter is a ridiculously early riser (think 4-4:30am EVERY day). We have tried various methods and a sleep trainer clock before but nothing shifted. We bought a Groclock a few weeks ago and she has been staying in her room until the sun is on the clock most mornings. This means we get a sleep in until 5:15am each day! I know that may sound awful to many of you still but it has been heavenly for us. We still have a couple of mornings where she is needing cuddles so will come through and have had to go through to stop her kicking on her wall or turn down her audiobook volume but a success on the whole. I am very grateful for the extra sleep! (You can check out the Groclock in this affiliate link below.)

  • The amazing carers at my daughter’s daycare- this week saw the end of more than 3 years under their care. Emotional time for me! It was such a rough road at the beginning of this journey with my daughter having some intense separation anxiety but I am so glad we pushed through. We will miss them.

Heading off with Daddy to go on the bus to daycare for the last time!
  • The crazy, awe-inspiring creation found in this country- This week was Australia Day and we took the opportunity to go to the Pinnacles for a day trip. I was completely blown away by the magnitude of this place. We even saw emus there. The family time was wonderful too. Hide and seek among the rock formations. The photos below don’t even begin to do this place justice.

    • Working for an amazing company that starts off our year building into staff- yesterday was our staff conference to start off the school year. Sitting under the teaching and encouragement of a variety of wise and experienced people, reigniting my passion for what I do, with a solid focus on building ourselves and caring for ourselves throughout the year to combat compassion fatigue and being anointed and commissioned for the year ahead. Magnificent!
    I love hearing from others about what they are thankful for. I want others to experience the joy that comes from opening our eyes to see the good that is contained in each day.