Quiet: a Five Minute Friday post

My Friday night writing plan was bamboozled by a daughter vomiting so carved out a little window of my Saturday instead. Writing today on the prompt word “quiet” for Five Minute Friday where we write for five minutes without editing or over thinking. (P.S. how do you like the new look on the blog? I felt like a change.)

Quiet. The often longed for thing for a parent. I have a fairly quiet child and am blessed to have times when she is quiet and I have that time to myself. That doesn’t always impact on the state of my soul. Finding quiet in my soul is entirely separate from what is happening around me. I can be in the most tranquil place but have chaos and loud inside me. I can be in the midst of a crowd with noise and find that stillness within. I long to have peace, quiet and stillness as an abiding theme in my soul. While anxiety is certainly not as prevalent within me as it has been in years past, it rears its ugly head. I am reminded of how much is often going on under the surface that I am not tuning into. I know I am not in that quiet internal state but my reactions to my daughter, my husband and seemingly inconsequential occurrences around me. I speak through gritted teeth, get irritated quickly and have a short fuse. 

How do I get that quiet? Doing little is often not the rest and answer that I imagine. For me, it is found in God’s presence.