Thankful Thursday

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. At this moment, I am not feeling stressed by this (my first thankful!). It is my last week at work for the year. It is the last session for MOPS this week. I am almost finished my Christmas shopping. It is a busy season but I am not feeling hurried. Noticing the good and choosing what I focus on is certainly a contributing factor to this overarching peace.

  • Our bottlebrush bush is finally blooming after many years of surviving but not thriving. This has been a positive to our neighbour cutting down a tree that hung over our side of the fence.

  • Advent joy: I have loved watching my daughter get so involved in our Advent activities and loving the craft parts so much. Trying to get nice photos of her has been a different story, but even that has highlighted the cheeky side to her that I so love. I am sharing daily photos on Instagram of these activities if you want to have a look. 
  • A brilliant chiropractor and the finances to allow monthly adjustments for me and my daughter. It frequently amazes me how accurately she can identify issues that we have been having within a couple of minutes of examination. I love the improvement it gives to my daughter’s sleep and from the latest adjustment, to her toilet use too.
  • Belonging to a church that does so much for the community and our world as well as gives powerful messages that encourage and challenge me. The podcasts are available here. The first message in the Thrill of Hope series is particularly brilliant.
Photo credit: True North Church social media

  • Catching up with long time friends who we rarely get to chat to these days. They were in our bridal party 11 years ago!
I feel I could adding to this list but will leave it there. So much to be grateful for and my heart feels full.

What are you thankful for this week?