Thankful Thursday Link Up- back for 2016!

I have missed creating my lists of what I’m thankful for and am keen to get back to the practice of noticing the good in my life. The MOPS theme for this year includes noticing goodness as one of the major areas to focus on. This link up is part of that process for me. 

  •  The timing of my suspected stress fracture- it happened while I still had a few weeks of holidays left, increasing my chances to rest and not have to worry about work, school starts and our generally busy term schedule. While it is looking like recovery will be continuing into the term, at least I have had this initial time to give recovery a kickstart.
  • Our new flooring! It is incredible what a difference it has made to the look of our house and my enjoyment of being in this house until we can eventually sell. 6 years of cream, stained carpets in the area we spend the most time in and see as soon as you step in are over!

  • A wonderful afternoon and evening spent with my fellow MOPS leaders overlooking the ocean. This mini-retreat was bonding, relaxing and productive. 

    • Finding yummy, healthy recipes and a way of eating that is helping me feel healthier and start to lose weight despite being so restricted in my activity levels right now.
    • Our vapouriser- allowing us all to get some sleep while my daughter has her cold.
    • The anticipation of the new term with its new routines and roles almost being here. My brain has been rolling around logistics and plans. I am looking forward to being able to just get into it and starting acting on plans. I expect my plans and ideas will change as I try them out but at least we will be out of limbo.
    I would love to hear what you are thankful for this week either in the comments or through linking up your own Thankful Thursday post below.