Tired (too tired to even come up with some witty title) Five Minute Friday

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when I saw the prompt word for this week’s Five Minute Friday: tired. I debated whether to even write a post this week on it. I was nervous about what would come out. The truth is I am tired. I have been resisting acknowledging it this week. Sure, I use the word but I don’t want it to change anything that I am doing. But it does. I am much shorter in my patience and stress tolerance. I am more in my head. I am defaulting to negative. Resisting the fact that I am tired and need to do something about that doesn’t make the problem go away.

I see that as an issue around me. We are quick to talk about how busy and tired we are but resist making any changes to that. We wear our tiredness as a badge of honour. There are seasons where tired is unavoidable. We can still take steps to care for ourselves in the midst of that and minimise the impact tiredness has on us. 

Maybe you are like me and feeling tired physically, emotionally, mentally and in need of reminding that it does have an impact and you can do something about it. What does taking a break and recharging look like for you? What do I need to do to reduce the tiredness?

This piece is written in response to the Five Minute Friday prompt word “tired”. I am joining many other writers in writing for five minutes unedited. You can see the responses of others here.

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  • Kiel

    Oh, man, good comments on being tired but not wanting to make the real changes we need! So true and kind of convicting! Kiel (your FMF neighbor!)

  • Joanne Viola

    I resisted writing this week as well 🙂 Funny how that is. I think this was a most timely word for us all to think on today. May we all take this opportunity to rest.

  • Jo

    Resistance is usually a good indication that something needs attention within us! I hope you have found some rest over the past week.