Welcome to the month that is “For Your Encouragement”

Do you ever long for someone to encourage you? Are there secret areas of your heart that you long to hear someone else’s perspective on? This series may be for you. I love to use my words to encourage, inspire and uplift those who read them. For this year’s Write 31 Day challenge, I wanted to keep things simple and yet longed still to be true to my heart behind why I write. I don’t have a theme or a series or even much of a plan. What I do have are questions from my readers who are longing for encouragement. I make no claim at being an expert in any of the areas you have brought up. All I have is my life experience, my faith and my words. 

I have already been blown away and deeply touched by the requests that have come in so far. My heart and mind are pondering how to respond and I look forward to those thoughts making their way to my keyboard. I know that I will be just as encouraged, challenged, inspired and uplifted as I hope you are through this series.

I will keep taking requests for encouragement throughout the challenge. You can email me by clicking this button and send me ideas for areas you want to be encouraged in. All requests will remain anonymous.

Sprinkled amongst my responses to reader requests will be some responses to writing prompts that spark my interest and some favourite Scriptures that I have. This October may bring a random assortment of ideas and thoughts but all tied together by the desire to encourage. This series is for your encouragement.

If you want to keep up with all the encouragement without flooding your inbox each day, you can use the link below to sign up for a weekly email with all the links for that week (and possibly some exclusive encouragement thrown in.)