Has your “try” become weak? Time for intention.

Do you ever find yourself saying or thinking the words “I’ll try” and knowing deep in your heart that you won’t? I am annoying myself every time those words cross my thoughts or pass my lips. I know that the word “try” has come to mean this weak offering of some intention rather than a gutsy word conveying conscious effort. I desire to live more intentionally with purpose and attention to how I am spending my time. My everyday reality does not reflect that as often as I’d like. It is easy to make excuses and there are even legitimate ones in my life right now, like a sick child demanding much of my physical emotional energy. Today I chose to take “try” to a deeper level. I got rid of an app that has been sucking my time without adding value or purpose. I chose to watch less Netflix and read instead. These may seem like small examples but I sense the shift internally. There is an urgency and fire rising within me. Try will no longer be a fob off attempt at easing my conscience but conscious choices to change my behaviour one bit at a time. 

This post was written as part of Five Minute Friday on the prompt word “try”. Each Friday writers gather to write unedited for five minutes and share our thoughts together. You can read the contributions of others here