What I Learned in April

April has been a bit of a blur. To stop and reflect on what I’ve learned becomes even more important in months like that. Here is what I’ve learned over the past month:

  • I need to keep using my daily planner to stay on top of everything. I used my planner for a total of 3 days over April and I feel like I’ve dropped the ball on several fronts this month. (If you’re interested in what planner I use, check out this post.)

  • Recovering from getting your wisdom teeth out can be more difficult than you initially anticipate. And then it can all suddenly improve overnight! It also involved far more stitches in weird places than I thought it would (which caused most of the pain issues.) My poor daughter was quite freaked out by my appearance and inability to smile or talk properly for a week. I was so grateful that it was over school holidays so that I could rest and recover without the usual pressures.
  • My little girl is developing a beautiful but quirky sense of style- mostly expressed in how she likes her hair done. I love that she has the confidence for this before self-consciousness takes over. I pray that confidence to be herself lasts a long time.

  • Isabel also has a deeply caring heart. I knew this already but the way she wanted to take care of me while I recovered from surgery was another demonstration.

Reading Mummy a story to make me feel better.
  • I really enjoy upcycling craft that produces practical but beautiful pieces.
  • The first time writing for an online publication other than your own blog can be daunting, exciting, nerve-wracking, thrilling and rewarding. It has been my first time working with an editor. My article will be published on Monday on https://growingfaith.com.au. Eek!
It has been fun reflecting on the month of April. What did you learn this month?

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