Thankful Thursday

I am loving being back in the habit of recording what I am thankful for each week. I have caught myself being on the look out in my days for the little and big things that I may normally overlook.

Here is what I am thankful for this week:

  • The imagination and creativity that Lego has brought out in my daughter. She blows me away with what she comes up with. The creation on the left is apparently a chair up in space that has arms that move out from in and can become a diving board. Watching her development and mind work is such a joy!

  • Quality time as a family on our long weekend away camping. The nights may not have been fabulous but I am choosing to focus on the days spent doing new things and engaging together as a family.

  • Seeing my daughter grow in courage. This is particularly special for me as I have watched her battle anxiety. It makes me quite teary thinking of the progress she has made and how much more enjoyment she gets from the world around her when fear is not a paralysing reality for her. I am also thankful that the process of dealing with fear in her has meant needing to deal with it in my life too. Reinforcing the message that courage is not being free of fear but being able to try things even when afraid is key!

Climbing the stairs of a lighthouse. Issy got a little scared at times and needed encouragement which distracted me from my own fear!
The view from the top.
Climbing down into a cave.

  • God brings reminders of His presence, even in the depths of a cave. I found a feather down deep. It reminded me of these verses:
Not the most clear picture but the best I could get on a phone camera in the dark lighting.
  • The return of the cooler weather. I love being rugged up and listening to the sound of rain. I am definitely more of a winter girl than summer!
I would love to hear what you are thankful for this week.