Thankful Thursday

My brain was obviously more full than I realised as it completely pushed the Thankful Thursday thoughts out of the window. I would be going about my day on a Friday and only then remember Thankful Thursday. And then I had dental surgery and everything went out of the window. I am choosing not to beat myself up over the unintended break and get back into it. Being thankful is never not going to be needed in my life.

  • Discovering a way of eating that is working to sustain my energy levels more, while also helping me lose weight. I have lost almost 10 kilograms this year and feel so much healthier for it. I never thought I could go sugar free or make the changes needed but it has not felt like a huge burden. For those interested in how I’ve been achieving this, I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan.
  • So many precious moments with my daughter. My heart wants to burst so often. I love this age and the imagination and silliness that she abounds with. 

  • Taking more serious steps in reducing my phone use and heading towards being less distracted and more present. This will need a whole post of its own I think! I have long identified my phone and technology use as a hindrance (read about it here and here) but have not successfully made lasting change. Stay tuned for details on what I am doing. 
  • The timing of my wisdom teeth removal to allow the school holidays to recover. It has been rougher than I imagined and I am so grateful to have been able to rest and not be under pressure.
  • The excitement of my daughter as we get ready to go camping tomorrow for the long weekend. I love the time to connect as a family and the removal of many of our usual daily distractions. I am sure that next week’s Thankful Thursday will be full of moments from this weekend.
  • God continuing to use feathers as a reminder of His presence in my life. (Read more about that here.)

    What are you thankful for this week?