What I learned in March

At the end of each month, I take some time to reflect back on all that I’ve learned and lived. This month has contained some big challenges and growth opportunities for me. I will attempt to corral my thoughts about these, although I know that there is still processing going on.

  • I can go away for a weekend and both my daughter and I will survive! I was so anxious about this trip for our MOPS Field Staff Training Seminar in Melbourne. It was the longest I had ever left my daughter and most definitely the furthest I had ever been from her. I was also well aware of the fact that the enemy was using this as an opportunity to ramp up old battles of panic and anxiety to stop me from taking the next step in the leadership journey God has me on. I am so glad that I went. I came back with new connections made, freshly inspired for this amazing ministry and feeling that little bit more equipped to do my role. I will say that my favourite part of the weekend, though, was arriving back at the airport to a very excited little girl running full tilt into my arms. She had been fine and there has been minimal anxiety backlash in the days since. So much prayer covered that weekend and the evidence shows.
  • Prayer is still a fiery part of my core, even if it dulls at times. If you haven’t read Priscilla Shirer’s book “Fervent” I cannot recommend it highly enough. I participated in the (in)courage online book club for this book during March and it has reignited my prayer life. I can also recommend the audiobook version. I love it when author’s read their own audiobook as I feel it stays so much more true to what they intended it to convey. I am still processing much of it and will likely reread and listen to it several times to pull more out. I was always aware of some strategies of the enemy to throw us off course, but learned more from this book and was propelled into being intentional in my prayers to thwart these attacks. I have already seen incredible answers to prayer (not mine to share but trust me). I suspect that this knowledge and the wisdom gained will continue to grow and be needed as I move forward in pursuing God’s will for my life. I also know that the first strategy that is discussed- passion for prayer- is one that I will need to stay on top of as it wanes at the first sign of tiredness and illness. I look forward to watching more fruit of this book unfolding in my life.

  • When everything in the shop costs $2.80, it is easy to get carried away! The only bit of shopping I ended up doing during my Melbourne trip was to a Japanese store that has a price of $2.80 on everything. There were some really unique and fun things in there and I quickly filled a basket with a result of spending far more than planned. In my defence, my daughter LOVED all the gifts I brought back and our present box is well stocked for the next few kindy birthdays coming up! 
  • Easter may be becoming one of my favourite times of year. I have loved digging deeper into the Easter story with my daughter this year and rekindling my own appreciation for what Jesus did for us. You can see some of our Easter activities here.  
  • A huge amount of artwork comes home from kindy!! I don’t know what to do with most of it. 
What have you learned this month?

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