What I learned this Autumn

We’ve reached the end of another season once more. As time flows forward, I’m taking this invitation to pause and reflect. I invite you to join me.
  • I am capable of keeping plants alive. This orchid is on its third blooming year and it has been the most spectacular. Quite an achievement for this usually ineffective gardener.
  • Creating content for an online course is invigorating for my creative self. I have been working on creating an online course for the past few months. This time of writing, video editing, graphics creating and learning has stirred my passion is unexpected ways. It is only now that I am about to launch that the nerves and doubts have started setting in! I am employing the skills I’ve learned in tackling doubt and pushing forward. If the thought of combining Scripture meditation and essential oils intrigues you and you want to find out more about this course, click here. I will be hosting a prelaunch group from June 11 that is exclusively for my email community and I would love for you to join us.


  • I have not mastered the juggle of life but I’m working on it. I have days of thinking I’ve figured it out, that I’ve worked out how to do all my roles in life well at the same time. Then reality sets in- tiredness seeps in, an unexpected issue comes up, an argument throws me off balance or I mess up. I cannot get complacent in my quest to work hard and rest well. Knowing and doing are different things. That is why I need the reminders and challenges from places like “Holy Hustle”.
  • I dwell in the tension of being whole and a work in progress all at the same time. I saw a quote along these lines on Instagram and it resonated with me. I am still processing what this means for me and the implications for how I approach life. Maybe it gets you thinking too?
  • Procrastination comes in many forms. Can you identify with anything in this picture (credit to Evernote)? An ongoing challenge in my quest to go after my goals, my responsibilities and relationships.
I know there are many other lessons that I have learned and forgotten already over this season, other things that have been learned but stayed below conscious thought. I have not yet been consistent in recording what I am learning as I move through the months. Maybe I will in this next season?
I would love to hear from you about what you have been learning. You can also read what others have learned through Emily P. Freeman’s blog (the inspiration behind this.)