The secret of capacity and perseverance: Five Minute Friday

Last night I gathered with a bunch of other creatives for a night of inspiration and mingling. My introvert self was brave walking into a room of mostly strangers and making the effort to speak to people I didn’t know. The inevitable question always comes of “what do you do?”. Granted this has a slightly different spin in this setting but always a challenging question. As I got to talk about the different roles I have and the creative outlets I pursue, I felt the fire in me being fueled. The talks all centred around resilience and I was reminded once more that the secret to the capacity and perseverance I am aiming for is to continually fuel that passion for what I do, for ALL that I do. This is done in the communities, both in real life and online that I am part of. This is done is allowing space for my creative side to find expression, even in busyness. This is done through taking care of myself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Have you paid attention to this secret in your own life? Do you love what you do? The challenge does come in to find things I love about even those tasks that don’t suck me into a different timezone while doing them, the things that feel like a chore but are necessary.

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday challenge- writing for only five minutes unedited. This week’s prompt word was “secret”. You can read what others wrote here.

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