Bite-sized Inspiritment Day 6: Belong

The desire to belong in strong in all of us. It can be a driving force for our good or for our destruction. What I am realising in myself is that my drive to belong can make me too self-focused. It becomes all about what I am feeling and where I am fitting in. It makes you forget that you can create that belonging for others. It stops you from looking outward to all the others who have that same desire to belong.

I have felt convicted of this often of late. You see, I am really good at hiding behind a screen and technology and talking to others about this. I am less good at making this happen in person. Part of that is my introvert nature that struggles with conversation and small talk, struggles to maintain eye contact and generally feels awkward in many social situations. I don’t want that to be an excuse though. It doesn’t let me off the hook. I have found that there is also an upside. I tend to notice others feeling the same way. The question is what do I do when I notice that?

We all have the opportunities to connect with others in small and large ways, short term or for the long haul. How are making the most of those opportunities?

Day 6 of the Write 31 Days challenge using the Five Minute Friday prompts (writing unedited for five minutes on a prompt word). You can find the other posts in this series here.