Day 1- It begins…

31 Days 2014- a post a day for October

Do you write blog posts in your mind? I do. Often. I have never gotten around to making it real. Today, that changes. 
I have had several people in my life suggest that I write a blog. The 31 Days challenge came to my attention and I thought, “If you’re going to start a blog, may as well jump in with both feet!” (Yes, this scares me but I say yes anyway.) The Nester runs this challenge to encourage writers to write a post everyday for the month of October. Find out more here.
This year has been significant in ways that I don’t yet fully realise. I started this year feeling restless, trapped even. God has taken me on a journey deep inside. I have been stretched, pruned, challenged in ways that are hard to put into words. I sense a season of preparation. For what, you ask? I don’t know yet. 
It astonishes me how many seemingly random and insignificant pieces God can bring together to give the same message. The biggest lessons I’ve learned so far? It is about who I am, not what I do. It is about my relationship with God, not what I do for Him. My everyday moments are key. Raising my daughter is not a side story to what God has for me, but the core. I can make a kingdom difference today. I can contribute to world change in my everyday life. I don’t have to wait for a position or until my daughter has grown up.
I have so many thoughts swirling and waiting for expression. I look forward to finding the words for them in this next 30 days. I want to share what has spoken to me, inspired me and changed me. After that, who knows?