Day 19: Preparing the soil series at church

Today was the first in a four week series at my church called ‘Preparing the soil’. It was awesome! It is based on the concept that our hearts are the soil for the seed of God’s Word and we need to do our part in getting ready to receive it. There is such an excitement and anticipation building in my spirit for this next season in my church family. God is preparing us for something new.
Staying soft was today’s focus. I felt God confirming and expanding what He has already been speaking into my heart for the past couple of years. The key take away points today:
  • Staying soft can come from saying “Yes Lord” to something we never imagined. (May not be what we think we are suited to or make much sense)
  • Softness- willingness to move from good things to new things. (Can be hard to make way for new things when it means giving up the good things we have been doing)
  • Softness- leaving certainty for a ‘need to know’ basis (which is how God generally communicates)

If you would like to listen to the podcast of this message, click here. (The whole series will be available here, with the podcast generally being available from the Monday each week.)