Getting organised and moving from inspiration to action!

I have been hanging out to be able to write this post and share my find with you. The release week is finally here and I can share the tool that has been helping me to clear my head for my day to day, set better priorities and plan out projects.
If you have never discovered Kat Lee through her podcast,Inspired to Action, or through the Hello Mornings challenges, you have been missing out!!! She has been an immense source of encouragement, inspiration and growth in my life over the past 18 months. When I first started participating in the Hello Mornings challenges, I fell in love with the attainable simplicity but effectiveness of the planning section of the workbook. After getting into the habit of using this planning section, I started to seek a more in depth planner. I hadn’t found one that quite suited me. You can imagine my excitement when Kat Lee announced that she was developing a full planner! I was then able to take up the opportunity to be a Beta Tester for this planner and get my hands on it before it was released to try it out and give feedback.
I LOVE this planner. I love its adaptability, range of pages for different levels of busyness and need for focus, the priority given to dreaming and distilling those dreams down into the focus we give each day (even if this has been the toughest part for me, personally.) I love that I was able to start using it straight away, despite being in an intense season at the time with no headspace for taking on something new. I could pick and choose which pages to print to suit the type of day I had ahead.
Have I mentioned the page specifically to help you figure out what your priorities are? One of the other Beta Testers called it the “Overwhelm Eliminator” page. A page divided into four sections Important and Urgent, Important and Not Urgent, Not Important and Urgent, Not Important and Not Urgent. When you start to ask yourself these questions of all the things on your task list, it makes you realise what you actually need to be working on first and to keep your goals in mind.
Kat Lee has filmed videos and written an eguide explaining all the sections of the planner when you purchase it, but the general overview of what is available goes something like this:
  • ·      Goal planning- lifetime, 5 years and 1 year
  • ·      Project planning- both in brief and in more depth
  • ·      Monthly and weekly overviews
  • ·      Daily planning pages (3 different styles)
  • ·      Important dates
  • ·      Menu planner
  • ·      Regular daily and weekly tasks
  • ·      Contacts
  • ·      Pages for recording thoughts and dreams

You can use all of these or only some of them- just print what you are wanting. There are also premade starter packs that can give you a quick start while still working out what is best for you. I have been printing 2-4 weeks’ worth at a time with two to an A4 page to give me A5 size. I keep most of the pages in an A5 binder and use an A5 clipboard to take that day’s page and any projects I’m working on with me. This fits well in my handbag.

Have I convinced you of how awesome this planner is yet? Interested in purchasing a planner for yourself? The planner is being released for sale on 7thJuly (although that date is in America so more like the 8th here in Australia!)
Click on the image below to grab yourself a copy. (This is an affiliate link that will give me a small percentage of the sale.) Concerned about spending money then not liking it? Kat Lee is offering a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!
Let me know how you use the planner! It may look completely different to me.