Ideas for an intentional and life-giving Advent 2020

Advent 2020 is almost upon us. I know many are really looking forward to Christmas this year as a way to bring joy into a hard year. I think it is more important than ever to consider how we will mark this season. This is our opportunity to set our intentions and milk all the joy and peace that is available, even if this season looks different than usual. I am re-releasing my free Advent Planner and Reflections ebook, updated with this year’s dates, to help you to plan what this season will look like for you.

I have written about Advent many times before and shared many ideas and resources. This collection of previous posts can inspire you in your planning.

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Advent as a family

No matter what Advent 2020 looks like for you, remember that you get to choose your perception. Let’s set the atmosphere of our homes to be places of joy, memory making and compassion for others.

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