Remember that your people are essential in your journey

I hit the end of a week and found myself in a heavy headspace. I stopped to pay attention. It could easily be explained by ‘2020‘ which is now really an adjective! There was more to it though. I realised that I had forgotten that your people are essential in your journey.

As I shifted my perspective, do you know what stood out in my mind? Not the amount of tasks I crossed off of my to-do list. Not how clean my house is or isn’t or the meetings and steps taken towards my goals. What stood out most was the moments with friends and family.

Where is your time and energy going?

The ‘not’ list takes so much of my time and energy. I could have easily let the opportunities for connection slip by under the guise of being too busy. Honestly, I almost did at times and I know there were other opportunities missed. It is far too easy for me to slip into task mode and take my eyes off of what is really important around me.

I have had this lesson brought to my attention time and again. I even wrote about the need to keep connections with people strong as I transition to working from home full time. And yet, here I was spending day after day with only my own thoughts and distractions for company. I had not built quality relationship time into my week. Professional connections that I can dream and brainstorm with have been neglected.

This message is needed all the more in the midst of the uncertainty and difficulty around us. I sit in the tension of achievement and simply being, goals and connection, living fully in my purpose and making sure my people are fully part of that purpose too.


It is another case of both/and not either/or. I don’t need to choose between feeling on top of what I need to do and holding space for family and friends. It takes intention to carve out the time and make plans to connect. I do need to hold my plans loosely so that I can be interrupted by that phone call or text when a friend needs to talk. Wisdom is needed to know what is a priority in that moment. I do need to use the time set aside for the to-dos and projects to their full capacity so that I’m not tempted to steal the connection time.

I am reminding myself of these truths once more. Maybe you need that reminder that your people are essential too.


  • Kate Lester

    This is such a wonderful reminder to reflect and remind myself to have a ‘goal’ and have purpose in my day to day life.
    I am learning to step back, ask myself and intentionally ‘What will today provide me? How can I be the best version of myself and keep moving forward, continuing connecting to myself and my friends/family?