Thankful Thursday

  • The gratitude that takes centre stage for me this week is for the life and health of my daughter. One evening this week, we were in our back room tidying up before bed when a wasp got stuck under her t-shirt and stung her seven times before I could get her top off. She was in excruciating pain and I was so worried that she may be allergic as she had never been stung before. A tense evening of monitoring her closely and applying first aid ensued. We got her to bed later covered in welts but drowsy from antihistamines and pain killers. We fully expected her to be up during the night in discomfort and possibly through the next day. She slept through the night (amazing in its own right with my girl!) and was in no pain at all the next morning. The bites were barely visible red dots. I was so grateful for answered prayers for healing. My emotions may have taken longer to recover however! 

  • I am also so incredibly grateful for the outpouring of caring and concern from friends on Facebook and through messages checking up on her the next day. I am truly blessed to be in the community of friends that I find myself surrounded by. A special mention also goes to my husband for going to the shops to buy me my favourite sugar- free chocolate bar as a balm to frayed nerves without compromising my healthier eating.

  • Sunrises have always had a soothing and centring effect on my soul. The morning after the wasp incident, this greeted me out of my kitchen window. There was a flock of birds flying back and forth across this vista (the tiny black dots in this picture). What a blessing!
  • Trying to sum up all that I am thankful for from the Better Mums Conference on the weekend is proving too much for a little blurb here. Thankfully I have been given the opportunity to write a whole post about it for them to process through the day. A highlight for me was getting to meet Kelly Burstow from Be a Fun Mum, who has long been an inspiration and encouragement to me in my mothering journey. I was shocked to discover that she had remembered me from interactions we’ve had on social media. Don’t you love it when people you admire turn out to be just as lovely in person?! My full write up of the conference will be up on the Better Mums Facebook page at some point in the next week. 

  • The first blooms of my favourite plant in our garden appeared this week. I think it is called a wedding bush.
  • My daughter spontaneously singing her own praise songs with arms raised. I love seeing her little heart bursting forth with gratitude. 

“Thank you God for healing my toe. You are amazing grace. Thank you God for healing. You are amazing grace.”

“God you are glorious. I love you. You are strong. You help me sleep. You haven’t given me fear but love and mind”

This has been a dense week of things to be thankful for. There are deeper revelations and awakenings that I am still processing too. I love hearing what you are thankful for in the comments or through your own posts in the link up.