Thankful Thursday

It has not been the best of weeks and yet I see so much to be grateful for. 

  • The opportunity to share with and encourage other mums of young children to notice goodness in their lives at MOPS. I know what a difference this practice makes for me (especially in the really tough first year of my daughter’s life). Sharing tools and tips to help build this habit meant a lot to me.
  • A husband who is willing to take carers leave to look after our sick daughter so I can go to work. It makes me feel valued and that he values the work that I do as well. He is an amazing dad.
  • Supernatural energy that got me through a full day of work and an event I had been looking forward to after only two hours of sleep thanks to a vomiting daughter.
  • The effort to drive through peak hour traffic to take my daughter to a concert of one of her favourite singers was so worth it. Her delight was abundantly evident to all around her. I love that she can enjoy music while getting solid truth about Jesus. Colin Buchanan was excellent.

So blurry but loved the natural smile in this picture.

  • Finding a delicious, easy to make and healthy dairy free “yoghurt” recipe. I miss yoghurt and this has been a true treat.

  • Watching my daughter discover new skills and enjoying creative pursuits.

Making herself a handbag from a kids sewing kit.

Attempting to create her own loom band creation. This was her chosen quiet time activity. Rubber bands everywhere!
What good things do you see in your life today? Be intentional in looking for the big and small blessings that surround you. Join me in the comments or the link up below.