Lent for kids: A Sense of the Resurrection

If you read any of my blog in December, you know that engaging my daughter in activities that focus on the true meaning of Christmas is important to me. I want to do the same with Easter but focusing on a celebration that also includes torture, death and sin is not so easy. I have the added concern of having a very sensitive little girl who takes heavy issues on board. Having done Truth in the Tinsel, it was a natural progression to try Sense of the Resurrection since it is written by the same author. I did some of the activities with Isabel last year (read about that here) and she did start to grasp the concepts. This year she is so much more capable of understanding and open to the truth of Jesus’ love. Seeing her love for memorising Scripture and her spontaneous prayers and praise sessions has blessed my heart in recent times. I can only provide the opportunities for her to hear the truth then step back and allow the Spirit to work.

Lent may be well past begun but it is not too late to start this year. I love that there are only 12 experiences in this book. It feels so manageable in the midst of a full season. We started late last week:

Day 1

Day 2 has been started but not yet completed so photos still to come.

If you’d like to join me in these hands on activities to help kids engage with the Easter story, click on the image below (affiliate link- at no extra cost to you, your purchase helps to support me)

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