What I Learned in February

February has felt like a monumental month. Sitting down to reflect on what I have learned this month took me by surprise when I considered the changes and living that have been enclosed in such a short month. This sense may have something to do with the head cold fogging up my thinking power but that doesn’t diminish the significance of this month!

  • When you have an only child (and don’t plan on having any others), your daughter starting school is both for the first time and the last. I have the mix of emotions of first time parents and those watching their babies leave for school. 
  • Sitting outside for my morning quiet time is so refreshing to my soul. I get to watch the birds in our garden and soak in the peace of greenery and light breezes. 
  • Fuller House was a brilliant idea. So cheesy but so good! As a fan of Full House in my younger years, this transported me back to happy times and fond memories of friends. I may or may not have already watched all the episodes available.
  • The enemy’s strategies against me tend to favour sleep deprivation and illness. If the first burst isn’t effective, the hits keep coming. I am needing a very targeted prayer time for this to help me stay on track right now.
  • Colin Buchanan is an incredible entertainer. I had the opportunity to take my daughter to a live show and it was fabulous. I love that his music is helping instil Biblical truth in my daughter.
  • Just when I am ready to give in to discouragement when it comes to my writing, I have friends and family that jump in to spur me on. To make it even sweeter, God sent some other writers to join in on that boost to my persistence with writing. 
  • Prayer is the area that God is wanting me to focus on in this next season. When the same message comes through so many different avenues, I pay attention. I am looking forward to diving in to the book “Fervent” for an online book club.
There are so many other things that just don’t have words right now. 
What were your takeaway lessons from February?

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