Thankful Thursday

What a week this has been! I am feeling pretty spent right at this moment from the mental and emotional energy required for new routines, seeing my daughter starting school and swimming lessons and getting back into work. Grateful for this opportunity to stop and notice all the good this week.

  • An amazing school for my daughter- other than a small case of nerves and upset at the realisation of not seeing her daycare friends anymore, she LOVED her first day. The staff there are incredible. They even sent a letter to her the week before school talking about what they would do and how much they were looking forward to seeing her. I am fully convinced that this is exactly the right place for her this year.
  • My personal on-call tech support- I love being married to an IT guy and being able to call him to sort out issues when needed. He is also great for setting up all sorts of fun tech at home that makes me look good when running MOPS training and can send videos from my phone to our TV. Makes my life so much easier.
  • Having a date for surgery for my wisdom teeth removal- knowing that the end is in sight for dealing with the annoying discomfort is great (even if it is still a wait and the anticipation of surgery is not pleasant!)
  • Not being on crutches anymore- my stress fracture is recovering and I don’t need the crutches to get around. I do have to be careful not to overdo it now!
  • The evening stillness after a full day
What are you thankful for this week?