A foundation of rest- unpacking my 2020 manifesto

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Did you create a set of intentions or resolutions for your year? Last week I shared my 2020 manifesto with you and some thoughts on the whole new year thing. Over the next few weeks, I want to take you through the elements that I have chosen to include so that you can be inspired in your own journey. It won’t look like mine and you may not focus on the same areas but we can share ideas and encourage each other on.

Foundation of rest

Here’s a revelation for you- I am not superhuman and neither are you. So why do we try to live our lives like we are? In times of busyness and pressure, rest is often the first thing we sacrifice. We think we are being more productive by cutting down our sleep, taking out our relaxation times or filling every spare moment with a task. The reality is the direct opposite. We may be working and getting tasks ticked off but we will be inefficient, lacking quality and driving our health into the ground.

I know this truth and have experienced it so often and yet I still default into bad habits of not prioritising rest or at least not engaging in actually restoring rest. Rest is about restoration- of our physical, mental, emotional and social energies. Many times I use the rest time I do set aside in ways that don’t actually recharge me.


This is one that I am focusing on the most right now. As a mother, I have learned how to function on little sleep but that doesn’t mean I am at my best. I have limited control on the interruptions in my night from my daughter. I do have control of when I switch off devices, my evening routine and when I go to bed to set myself up for the best quality and amount of sleep possible.


I aim to start my day from a foundation of rest. For me, this means caring for my soul. Spending time journaling, praying, reading Scripture and in a quiet space first thing recharges me. It doesn’t make me into a perfect person for the rest of the day but it does set me up with a sense of peace before I tackle my to-do list. (I have a resource to help you to do this too that released today. Keep reading to find out more.)

I also aim to end my night with soul care. I use prompts from a Daily Examen to review my day, pray and journal. Sometimes it is only a few minutes but it is something.

What does soul care and engaging in mental and emotional rest look like for you?


For a very long time, I didn’t recognise social time as part of rest. I am definitely an introvert and need plenty of time alone to feel recharged and like the best version of myself. I have learned that connecting with people is just as much a vital part, though.

I love that one of the elements of the MOPS To The Full theme for this year is ‘Find Your People.’ It will help me remember to connect with my people intentionally.

What do you find restoring? How are you building rest into your life- not as an afterthought but as a foundation that allows you to thrive in other areas?

I promised you a resource that will help you care for your soul. The Fragrant Meditations Heart and Soul Collection course released today.