Inspiration Monday: My Community

Finding “my people” has never really been easy for me. I am friends and acquaintances with many but have often struggled to get to those deeper levels of friendship with people. There have been a few spread over different seasons of my life. It takes vulnerability to allow myself to be me and real to foster these friendships. The community that I have around me now has kind of crept up on me. There has been a natural deepening of friendship with a few key people. I know that my capacity wouldn’t be where it is now without the support, encouragement, prayer and wisdom of these people.

I am so blessed to have these people in several arenas of life. I serve on my MOPS team with some, work with some, am in a connect group with some and have watched our kids grow up with some in a mums group. Not all of these relationships have the same level of depth, but each plays a role in my life. 

A focus on my community would be woefully incomplete without talking about my family. How do I put into words what they mean to me? Their love and support, their practical help, their encouragement and their challenges to me are beyond valuable. I love them all dearly. I would not have been as effective in some of my roles without the extra babysitting at times from both sides of grandparents either!!

My husband has released me to step grow and accept new roles and tolerated the extra time this has taken away from family. (That kind of sounds like he had me in jail but I hope you understand what I mean!!) I am so grateful to have had almost 12 years with him, 11 of them as his wife. 

Community is the soft place you come to land, the equipping and comforting place you come to heal, the challenging place of conflict that causes you to grow and the encouraging place that launches you into your purpose. 

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