• saying no to good things

    Making hard choices and saying no to good things

    This week’s post was going to be called ‘Ready to leap’. It was going to announce the launch of a group coaching program to dig deeper into my book ‘Stepping Up In Leadership’. An invitation to a webinar scheduled for next week was going to be a part of it. This goal has been in my plan since the beginning of the year. I even have a Trello board set up with a whole launch plan complete with due dates for each task. Instead, this post is about making hard choices and saying no to good things. It is about choosing to focus in on fewer goals so that I…

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  • Goodbye, distractions.

    Hello there, distractions. It seems you didn’t disappear while I was away. Somehow I thought the break from you might cause you to fade. And yet, here you are still calling me away from what I had planned to do and achieve. I guess you will always be here in one form or another. You are part of life. I know that you have been a significant part of my days. We’ve even had fun together while ignoring the to-do list. I need to let you know that things will be changing around here. You see, I have some big dreams and plans ahead. I am working towards being the…

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