What I learned in October

October has been a huge month! Here are a few things that I’ve learned this month:

  • I CAN write and be consistent and organised on my blog. I actually completed the Write 31 Days challenge this year and am still posting this so it obviously didn’t burn me out!! Click on the button below to go to that series.

  • The reality of a vision in your mind may not quite be the same but it can still be beautiful. The MOPS State Conference decor that took so long to create really came together well. (You can see some pictures in this post)

  • I have amazing friends and family who encourage me and build me up (I already knew this but it has taken on fresh meaning for me this month.)

  • Putting sprinkles into pikelets in an attempt to be a fun mum may only result in a weird colour of batter with little white crunchy bits throughout!

  • I really do love colouring in, especially when it doubles as meditating on Scripture.
I’d love to hear what you’ve learned in October!

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