Your invitation to recalibrate your word of the year.

How has your “word for the year” impacted your life so far? Did you ever get around to setting a focus for your year? If you did, can you even remember what it is? I confess that there have been many times this year that I have had to flick back to the first page of my planner to even remember my word. I can’t help but compare it to last year when my word remained sharp in my focus and seeped into my everyday. The experience has not been the same this year.
Maybe you can relate to this. Did we choose the wrong word or phrase to focus on? Are we just failures at this whole thing? Maybe. I prefer to look at it as a work in progress. The good news is that the year is not over. We are still breathing. That means we have the opportunity to continue to pursue those focus words. Or maybe this is a chance to change our focus. Think of this as a mid-year recalibration.
I don’t know about you, but there have been hard things this year. Unexpected things. High points. Moments of peace and clarity. Moments of wanting to give up. All of these hues and textures that weave into the rich tapestry of our lives. Maybe for you, the word you chose at the beginning of the year no longer fits for the twists and turns your life has taken this year. Maybe it is even more important but will take some intention to put it into practice. (I think that is the case for me.)
This is your invitation to stop and reflect. This is your permission to give yourself grace and make changes if necessary. This is your opportunity to take small steps forward and do the next right thing in front of you.
This is my reset (in no particular order):
·      I will savour the flow of ideas while they come, writing them down and filtering them later.
·      I will savour moments with my daughter and refuse to let my to-do list take precedence over her.
·      I will savour little moments of writing and pursuing my passions without begrudging the time I spend on other tasks.
·      I will savour the everyday moments with my husband, with eyes fixed on looking at all I have to be grateful for in our relationship.
·      I will savour time with family because I never know when those will be the last.
·      I will savour times of grief knowing that is a sign of love existing.
·      I will savour friendships that build me up and push me to be fully me.
·      I will savour good food that nourishes my body and refuels me.
·      I will savour times away from a screen and seek to be more intentional in this.
·      I will savour creation around me and put myself in those environments more.
·      I will savour this life I have.

I would love to hear about your word of the year reset.

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